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2021 Acadian Challenge

- February 27th/28th -
- 2021 -
Age Groups:
12's - 18's





Bleachers are available at ESA in the Main Section.
CE Training Facility:
Please bring Seating CE Training Facility.
King's Court:
Please bring Seating at King's Court.
No outside food or drinks are allowed at all Locations.
Concession stand will be open and food/drink will be available to purchase.  You will be asked to leave food outside.
Please inform your players and parents of this policy.
Admissions:  $10/session {6/under FREE} - CASH ONLY
You must wear your wristband in order to be admitted into all venues.
CE Training Facility - Courts 1 - 3
106 Eppler Road
Lafayette, LA
Episcopal School of Acadiana - Courts 4 - 5
1557 Smeade Road (at Hwy 92)
Broussard, LA  70518
Kings Court - Courts 6 - 7
4811 Woodlawn Road
Maurice, LA
Other Locations will be available if needed.

12's - AM/PM Waves
13's - PM Wave
14's - PM Wave
15's - AM Wave
16's - AM Wave
17/18's - AM Wave

Spectators will be 2 per player per team.  Each location will have their own color coded bands each day.  You will need to have that color code band to get in each location.  If you wish to go to a different location for a different team, you will have to purchase another band.

Once a team finishes playing, the team and all its allotted spectators MUST leave the facility so the next group of players can enter the building.  For the officiating team, ONLY 5 players and their coaches will be allowed in the facility.  Parents of the officiating team MUST leave the facility.

NOTICE:  All Coaches, officials, spectators and players not actively playing MUST have a mask on at all times.  Failure to comply with the mask policy will result in removal from the facility and no refund of admission charge for spectators.

We will be using the Remind App to let teams know when they can enter the building.  Details to register for those text messages is below.  REMEMBER:  You will not be allowed in any facility until 10 minutes before your match with the exception of the 8am, match in which case all facilities will open at 7:30am.  The same goes form spectators.

(download app on phone or just use as a text message)
Each division will have their own REMIND Message to join.  You will be notified when it is time to enter the building for your court to begin warmups and/or spectators to enter.

Acadian Challenge 12's Division          Text @acadiancha to the number 81010

Acadian Challenge 13's Division          Text @acadianch to the number 81010

Acadian Challenge 14's Division          Text @ka634kc to the number 81010

Acadian Challenge 15's Division          Text @kkk4da3 to the number 81010

Acadian Challenge 16's Division          Text @6k6e37c to the number 81010

Acadian Challenge 17/18's Division  Text @k7cbf4 to the number 81010